In October, I wrote about Lufthansa’s Business Class Signature Service and the testing the new concept was undergoing.   For those of you unfamiliar with Signature Service,  it is the idea where a Flight Attendant aboard a long haul flight would only be responsible for 8-12 Business Class passengers.    The concept is designed to create more 1:1 interaction between flight crew and passengers and to deliver a highly personalized service.

For the past several months, LH has been testing Signature Service in a variety of markets as they continue to fine tune it ahead of a Summer 2015 introduction across the entire long haul network.   Up until now, feedback has been positive and constructive and no changes to the launch are planned.

During this testing phase, LH has intentionally trialed the program in specific ‘cultural’ markets to determine adjustments that may be necessary due to cultural, dietary and ethnic needs.   What I mean by this is that LH is not testing this just between the US and Germany and assume that it will work the same between Africa and Germany.   Tests have been conducted on flights throughout the world.

To this end, the next phase of the Signature Service testing will take place on certain flights between Munich and Bombay, India during February.   I don’t have information on exact dates of these flights and I believe LH likes to keep it random and not predictable during the testing phase.    You’ll know Signature Services when you see it! 🙂