Ver.di, the German union that represents upwards of 33,000 Lufthansa employees , met with Lufthansa today and stated that LH’s offer was “unacceptable”

The union rejected LH’s latest good faith offer and suggested that additional strikes make be in the offing. The union has asked for a 5.2 percent raise and job security for its members. Lufthansa has countered with an offer of a 1.2% raise this year, and an additional .5% next year. At this point it seems like there is quite a gap between expectations and offers.

If you are traveling on Lufthansa in the coming week or 2, please be mindful that a strike can be announced at short notice and can potentially disrupt your travels. The union committed that it would communicate any strikes ahead of time, which usually means only a day or two of notice.

Typically these kind of strikes have their greatest impact on intra-German and intra-European flights and usually leave long haul flights untouched, though there is no guarantee that this would continue to be the case.

I’ll be traveling half way around the world next week on LH and am crossing fingers and toes that cooler heads prevail and that no strikes are called.