Lufthansa Cargo has announced that it has completed the installation of SATCOM-based navigation equipment in its entire fleet of MD-11 Freighters.

SATCOM is shorthand for Satellite Communications and is designed to be far more effective and efficient than previous generations of navigation technology.   SATCOM allows airlines to plan more direct ‘point to point’ routes rather than using ‘airways’ when it comes to flight planning.   As an example, Lufthansa Cargo suggests that SATCOM will save them 2,000 tons of fuel and 6,300 tons of C02 emissions just on their Hong Kong – Guangzhou – Alamty route segment each year.

SATCOM installation had begun in 2012 and the final installation was completed in July.   SATCOM will also be installed on all Boeing 777 Freighters that Cargo is set to begin receiving later this year.