Lufthansa Cargo announced today the launch of a dedicated YouTube Channel that will take us behind the scenes of one of the world’s largest Air Cargo Carriers. The decision to launch this dedicated channel comes as a follow up to the wonderful reception that Lufthansa’s Cargo has received on it’s Facebook page where it has garnered more than 14,000 “Thumbs-Up Likes”.

To inaugurate the channel, Lufthansa Cargo debuted a new video entitled “Networking The World”. This 2 minute video gives viewers an excellent perspective into Lufthansa Cargo:


The decision to to expand it’s social media presence demonstrates Cargo’s desire to invite the public to learn more about Lufthansa’s Cargo operation. According to Cargo’s Director of Communications, Mathhias Eberle, “Lufthansa Cargo is active on all continents. It networks the world with its services just as social media do on the Internet. Portals, like facebook or YouTube, offer unique opportunities to invite a global public to experience the fascination of our airfreight operations.”

The Channel promises to be a fantastic venue. Lufthansa Cargo plans on using the channel to highlight it’s role in “A Century Of Air Cargo” as well as footage from flight operations created by pilots and ground crew.

Please Click Here To Be Taken To Lufthansa Cargo’s YouTube Channel. I would block off some time and explore the great videos that area already on there!