Lufthansa Cargo has launched a GREAT contest to kick off a strategy that will see all of their aircraft “carry” their own name.   Much like Lufthansa passenger, Cargo will over time christen each aircraft with her own identity.    To begin the process, Cargo’s new contest is open to everyone to submit their absolute best ideas for a name for one of their MD-11 as well as for the 5 Boeing 777’s that will begin to join the fleet in October (5 will ultimately enter service).

Lufthansa Cargo has set up a dedicated page on their website that allows you to register and list your entries for each of the aircraft currently in service.  You are also asked for some detail behind the motivation for the names that you have recommended.   You need to provide names for at least 10 aircraft in order for your entry to be eligible.

With that said, the prize for this contest is fantastic!

The Winner, who will be selected by a Lufthansa Cargo panel, will be flown to Frankfurt and be a VIP guest of Cargo for the welcome ceremony for the first Boeing 777 Freighter.   You’ll also be among the very first to sit “behind the yoke” during your private tour of the cockpit.    It is at this time that the new 777F will be christened with her new name.

To enter the contest, please visit Lufthansa Cargo’s contest webpage.   You’ll need to register.   Once registered, you will be able to access the contest and you’ll see a listing of all of Cargo’s aircraft, and a space next to each tail number where you enter your best idea.   Remember, you need to provide at least 10 names in order to be eligible.

Think outside the box for this, think about fantastic travel destinations, mythology, legends, etc.

There is no right or wrong answer here, just one that will earn you a trip to Frankfurt and see your creation painted on the side of a brand new aircraft!

The contest ends on July 15.