Lufthansa Cargo has released a new ‘app’ to compliment it’s award winning ‘planet’ magazine    The app takes the magazine to new levels with fantastic multimedia enhancements that provide insights into Lufthansa Cargo’s business as well as the Air Cargo industry in general.   In their press release,  LH Cargo’s Director of Communications, Matthias Eberle, added that “Our aim is to give customers a closer and more immediate experience of exciting developments at our Company”.   The new app does a great job of delivering on that objective.


planet app_PM

Courtesy: Lufthansa Cargo


If you are not familiar with Lufthansa Cargo’s multimedia efforts, I would strongly suggest that you visit their dedicated YouTube channel that has a great selection of videos of Lufthansa Cargo operations.   Some of my favorites are the videos taken in the cockpit during flights to LH Cargo destinations.   The YouTube channel is a ‘must-see’ if you are fan of aviation or an ‘avgeek’.

Additionally, they have a strong presence on Facebook with content that is usually updated daily.   The content covers posts about unique Cargo, features on employees and stories about their destinations along with special features from their pilots.

Visit Lufthansa Cargo’s website for more information on ‘planet’ and for the appropriate links for the new app.