Earlier this week, Lufthansa Cargo invited the press to a presentation covering Cargo’s commitment to be as efficient and “Green” an Air Cargo Operator as possible.

The session covered several different presentations that were all related to making Lufthansa Cargo one of the World’s most environmentally responsible cargo carriers. As I reviewed the information, I was pleasantly surprised to see the attention to detail that Lufthansa Cargo has given to their commitment. No stone had been left unturned in their plan and the results will speak for themselves going forward.

There is a lot of information to go through and in the coming days I will post individual installments focused on key initiatives that Lufthansa Cargo has in place currently and will put in place going forward.

Some of the key initiatives that I’ll cover in the coming days:

Satellite Based Navigation
Composite Material Integration
Engine Efficiency Optimization
Ground Logistics
Biofuel Integration
Fleet Update and Modernization
Aircraft Weight Saving Initiatives

The results that LH Cargo is experiencing and the plans for the future are truly impressive!