Looks like Chicago is finally going to get something it should have received a long time ago.   After months of negotiation and even a test flight, LH is finally ready and approved to bring the Boeing 747-8i to Chicago and serve on the Frankfurt-Chicago run.    It will most likely be replacing the 747-400 that current flies on Lufthansa flights 430 (FRA-ORD) and 431 (ORD-FRA).

If you recall, the 747-8i needed special FAA approval in order to be taxied from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1.   Thanks to her size, special taxi instructions had to be put in place before it was deemed safe to operate the type between passenger terminals.

Exact dates have yet to be officially published but it looks as though it will be happening towards the end of October.  It would not surprise me if it was accelerated a bit, but since October starts in a week, I think it’s safe to say the service will start toward the latter half of the month.

Booking engines have not been updated yet to reflect this upcoming change.   I’ll pass along the date once Lufthansa makes it official.