As part of Lufthansa’s overhaul of their long haul fleet which includes the migration to a new Business Class and Premium Economy seat, attention has also been given to enhance the Infight Entertaintment (IFE) experience.

Recent IFE software and hardware upgrades that have been undertaken have enabled passengers traveling in all 3 class to have access to the same content.   Additionally, LH has expanded the IFE menu which has dramatically increased the options available to passengers:

300 Music CDs by various artists in a variety of genres and languages.

Movie selections have doubled from 100 to 200 full length feature films.

200 TV shows included digital ‘boxed sets’ that provide multiple episodes of a given TV show.

Increased family-friendly offerings for children including 10 films, 20 TV shows, audio books and audio CDs.

Increased assortment of regional content for flights operating to Asia, India and the Middle East.


In addition to the audio/visual IFE enhancements, Lufthansa has also begun the expansion of FlyNet (inflight internet access) that will allow passengers to use their personal ‘Smart Devices’ to access internet content, email and text messaging.

This decision to upgrade came in the 4th quarter of 2013 as Lufthansa committed to create a complete ‘5-Star’ airline experience for all passengers.   The decision came as a result of earning several prestigious awards for their First Class product.   In 2013 LH was awarded a 5-Star rating for their First Class product including Best First Class Lounges  from Skytrax as well as a 5-Star award from the American Academy of Hospitality Services for their Inflight First Class service and First Class Lounges in Frankfurt, Munich and New York’s JFK.

As of  April 2014,  approximately half of the long haul fleet will be updated with the new IFE systems.   Upgrades will continue throughout mid-2015 as the long-haul fleet goes through the process of having their new cabins installed.