Lufthansa has loaded into its reservation system specific flights where passengers flying on an A380 will find the new Business Class cabin.   The update only goes through early April which is normal since LH does not assign specific aircraft to specific routes too far in advance.

Additionally, a new A380 is joining the fleet (D-AIMK) with the new Business Class cabin already installed so there will 2 A380s with the new Business Class cabins in service.

You’ll see below that they are really spreading around the 2 A380s so that a wide variety of cities will get a look at the new interior.


Here is the schedule (Frankfurt Departures so return flights on these days will have new cabin as well):

March 30:  LH 400 (FRA-JFK), LH 720 (FRA-PEK)

March 31:  LH 720 (FRA-PEK), LH 778 (FRA-SIN)

April 1:  LH 778 (FRA-SIN)

April 2:  LH 440 (FRA-IAH)

April 3:  LH 440 (FRA-IAH), LH 728 (FRA-PVG)

April 4:  LH 572 (FRA-JNB), LH 728 (FRA-PVG)

April 5: LH 572 (FRA-JNB)

April 6:  LH 462 (FRA-MIA)

April 7:  LH 400 (FRA-JFK), LH 462 (FRA-MIA)

April 8:  LH 400 (FRA-JFK), LH 720 (FRA-PEK)

April 9:  LH 720 (FRA-PEK), LH 778 (FRA-SIN).

Of course route rotation will continue beyond these dates and more A380s will see the new cabin over the coming months.   I’ll provide updates as best that I can.


H/T:  FlyerTalk’s Oliver2002 (Lufthansa Thread).