A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Lufthansa’s Business Class fare sale I was able to take advantage of  for our upcoming safari trip to South Africa.   After digging in a bit deeper, I was able to find great fare deals for economy class travel as well.

For most of November, its easy to find fares from the East Coast for as low as $910 (Washington DC – Johannesburg).  The West Coast isn’t too far behind with fares starting at $1050-1100 (LAX-Johannesburg).

These fares are among the lowest that I’ve seen between the US and Johannesburg.  The low fares create the opportunity to potentially discover a new country and continent and if you’ve been thinking about a Safari, fares like this definitely make it easier to make the trip a reality!

Courtesy: Paddy Hagelthorn of  Paddy-Hagelthorn.com

Courtesy: Paddy Hagelthorn of Paddy-Hagelthorn.com

Availability seems to be wide open during the month of November.  Bookings in October or December run $100-300 more.  September fares were $200-500 more depending on departure city. Click here to be taken to Lufthansa’s Fare Sale website (you won’t find any mention of Jo’burg, so just enter your search parameters to get results).

Please keep in mind that there are many codeshare combinations that include Air Canada, United and South African.  So as always, be mindful of the carrier that will operate your flight because it may impact the amount of miles you earn based on your frequent flyer program.  Fare sales like this typically book into deep-discount economy fare classes which usually means that you may earn less than 100% of miles flown or none at all.

Courtesy: Paddy Hagelthorn of www.Paddy-Hagelthorn.com

Courtesy: Paddy Hagelthorn of www.Paddy-Hagelthorn.com