Lufthansa announced today that effective March 1, it is expanding its electronic device use policy to now include gate to gate use of ‘Smart Devices’ on its entire Airbus fleet. Currently the ‘gate to gate’ policy only applies to Boeing 747-8i aircraft.

With this expansion, passengers can now use tablets, cell phones and other small electronic devices for the entire duration of a flight operated by an Airbus aircraft as long as the device is placed in “Airplane Mode”. Keep in mind that this still does not allow for inflight phone or video calls to be made from these devices.

Lufthansa hopes to receive permission from the German Federal Aviation Authority in the near future that will cover ‘gate to gate’ device use on the remaining aircraft types in the LH Fleet.

This announcement comes on the heels of last week’s news regarding the ability for passengers to connect their “Smart Devices” to Lufthansa’s FlyNet system in order to access the internet, email and text messages.