Lufthansa announced this morning that it is expanding it’s Self Check-In capabilities in Munich and Frankfurt.

Lufthansa has been piloting a program that allows passengers to use “Self-Service Check-In” Kiosks. These kiosks enable a passenger to check in for their flight and to check their luggage to their destination all without the assistance of a Check-In Counter representative.

Munich has had six of these new Kiosks for in place for about a year and will be adding 13 additional units by the end of this year. The kiosks already in operation are located at the southern end of Terminal 2.

In Frankfurt, 2 Kiosks are currently undergoing their pilot program and plans are to have 16 of these Kiosks in place by mid-2013.

If you prefer to check your bags the more traditional way (or if you have bulky/unique luggage), you will of course still be able to use Lufthansa’s regular Check-In counters.