Lufthansa has started a fare sale that lasts until November 8 for travel between November 1 and December 12. Fares from New York to Germany are among the lowest for this offer with fares ranging between $640 and $750. The best fare that I find for this sale is the $540.00 fare in place for Chicago-Istanbul AND it’s on Lufthansa Aircraft. Sometimes the low fares involve a non-Lufthansa carrier but not in this case. At $540 to Istanbul, it’s cheaper than flying to some parts within the US and is attractive enough for even a long weekend to Istanbul. I visited Istanbul earlier this year, and would recommend it to anyone!

Fares from other gateways in the US to Europe range from $700-800 from the East Coast and $1000-1100 from the West Coast. These fares are generally in line with what is typical for this time of year. With the Holiday Market season beginning at the end of November, these fares should make it tempting to visit Europe at this time of year. I’ve been to the Christmas Market in Nuremberg and look forward to visiting Vienna’s this year!

To see specific fares associated with this sale along with the terms and conditions, please visit Lufthansa’s Fare Sale Webpage.