Lufthansa’s current fare sale brings prices down to historical lows for certain routes, especially from the East Coast and Mid-West gateways.

The best fare is New York – Frankfurt that can book booked for as low as $625.00.  Chicago – Stuttgart isn’t too bad at $749.00.  Otherwise most east coast fares, especially from the Northeast gateways range between $800 and $900, while the Southeastern gateways run from $950 to 1200, making them less attractive, especially since most fares from the West Coast range between $1100 and $1300.

This sale has an extended timeframe and runs until September 15.

The details:

Departures must take place between September 13 and October 29.

Returns must take place between September 13 and April 29.

Tickets must be purchased 21 days ahead of departure date.

Weekend surcharge of $60 may be applied if traveling between Thursday and Sunday.