After what was basically a ban on all airlines by the Indian Government/Civil Aviation Ministry restricting the use of large capacity airlines by foreign carriers,  Lufthansa has receive permission to bring their A380s to India, specifically Delhi and Mumbai.

The ban on ultra large capacity airliners was put in place several years ago by India in an attempt to protect Indian airlines from losing passengers to foreign carriers who had the capability to bring large capacity aircraft to India.

Several months ago Lufthansa started to bring their 747-8i aircraft to India and now the A380 will start appearing in India as well.   Beginning October 26, the A380 will begin flying from Frankfurt to Delhi and Mumbai on a daily basis.


Here is the specific flight info:



Lufthansa LH760 will depart Frankfurt at 1:40p (CEST), arriving in Delhi the next morning at 1:30a.

Lufthansa LH761 will depart Delhi at 3:30a, arriving in Frankfurt at 7:20a (CEST).



Lufthansa LH756 will depart Frankfurt at 12:45p (CEST), arriving in Mumbai the next morning at 1:10a.

Lufthansa LH757 will depart Mumbai at 3:05a, arriving in Frankfurt at 7:20a (CEST).