LUFTHANSA is running a First Class fare sale between the USA and Europe with fares as low as $5200.

As is typical for any fare sale, prices from the East Coast are lower than if originating from the West Coast.   From example, Boston to Brussels is only $5239 while other East Coast origins range between $5500 and $6000.   From the West Coast fares begin from $6500 (San Francisco-Madrid) and work their way up to $6800 (Los Angeles – Naples).

The fare sale runs until August 2.   Departures need to take place between July 22 and August 30 and return travel must take place between July 23 and November 30.  Tickets need to be purchased at least 28 days in advance.

One word of caution, be aware of the carriers operating your flights.   This fare structure is set up so that flights can be operated by United, Austrian, Air Canada, SWISS, Brussels and Lufthansa.

If you are going to pay $6000 to cross the Atlantic in first class, PLEASE make sure that your flight is operated by LUFTHANSA or SWISS for the transatlantic portion.

Crossing the Atlantic with one of the other carriers will preclude you from many First Class perks afforded to LH and LX First Class passengers, including the use of First Class Lounges in New York, Germany, Switzerland and the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.   Remember, part of the value of these fares is having access to fantastic on-the-ground amenities!



If you need any more info or advice as to how to build a perfect First Class trip, please let me know and I’ll help you make the most of it! 🙂