This morning, Lufthansa loaded discounted First Class fares into their reservation system that reflects a 40-50% discount off of typical First Class fares.    The best deal looks to be between Houston and Stockholm for only $5600.    Otherwise, most departures from the East Coast range from the high $5000 to mid $6000 range while departures from the Midwest and West Coast range between the mid $6000 and mid $7000 range.

These fares are valid for departures between June 27 and August 30, 2014 with return flights needing to take place between June 29 and November 30, 2014.   This is fantastic window since it covers the high peak summer travel season to Europe.  Tickets must be purchased by July 2, 2014 and 60 days prior to departure.

🙂 Included at no additional cost 🙂  is access to the fantastic First Class Terminal if you connect through Frankfurt where you can enjoy private car transfers to your connecting flights and even grab your very own First Class Duck souvenir!  🙂    Of course you will also have access to the First Class Lounges inside the airport in Frankfurt or in Munich.    If you depart from NYC, you’ll have a First Class Lounge experience waiting for you there as well.

Normally, First Class tickets will typically range from $9000 to $12000 or more, so when they are discounted like this, it offers a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of one of the finest First Class experiences that you can have with any airline.