Earlier this year on a trip to Hong Kong, I transited through Frankfurt which afforded me a 17 hour layover between flights that allowed me to visit with a few friends from Lufthansa as well as to take in several hours of plane-spotting.

A few hours before my flight to Hong Kong, I made my way over to one of my favorite destinations in the world, Lufthansa’s award winning First Class Terminal (FCT),to prepare for the 12 hour flight to Hong Kong later that evening. When I arrived, I found the FCT empty since most of the late afternoon departures have taken place and passengers had yet to begin arriving for their late night departures to Asia.  This became a great opportunity to capture some of the FCT’s highlights.

Before starting to take pictures, I made sure to ask for permission. Lufthansa has a fairly strict policy that does not allow photography in Lounges and the FCT, ESPECIALLY if there are other passengers present. Lufthansa does this to protect the identity and privacy of their passengers. If you are planning on taking photos in an LH Lounge, I strongly suggest you ask for permission.

Once given the “OK”, I made my way around the FCT to take my photos which are shown below. There are not too many more words that I have to describe just how fantastic this First Class amenity is, so I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  However, no matter how many pictures or reviews you read about the FCT, nothing replaces actually experiencing it for yourself.   It becomes another destination on your trip!





Comfortable and ample seating is the norm for the FCT


Each sitting area is appointed with a variety of nuts and dried fruit, along with a Buffet and Beverage menu. FCT staff will serve you at your seat.


The FCT offers a variety of seating options. In this area, passengers have the opportunity lay down in a chaise-style seat to catch a quick nap before a flight. No worries about oversleeping for your flight, a Personal Assistant will wake you when it’s time to go. Ask me how I know! 🙂   Unfortunately there was no “Snooze Button”……



The FCT also has private kiosks available for those needing to access the internet.


The superbly appointment bar has virtually any liquor or cocktail that you can think of.  In all my travels, I have not seen any other airline’s lounge bar come close to the FCT bar.   That being said,  I recommend you try a Lufthansa Cocktail.  It is a combination of Lufthansa’s own Orange-Apricot Liquor and a dash of Sprite. You’ll want more than one…..


Various sitting areas are designed for specific purposes – this area is centered near a TV.  You’ll see their are lounge-style chairs along the window for more comfort.


The FCT has a full service kitchen that provides both a comprehensive buffet and a complete a-la-carte menu. The dining area has dedicated seating for those wishing to eat at a table. Additional seating is located to the right of the barrier for a total of 4 tables.


The outstanding self-serve buffet is stocked with a fresh variety of foods, from local favorites to ethnic themed options along with salads and cold plate options. Additionally there are dedicated carving stations that serve fresh cold cuts.


Next to the Buffet is a self-serve cocktail area stocked with popular options such as vodka, whiskies and brandies.


A closer look at the self serve options


A Bang & Olufsen Stereo is located in the dedicated “Cigar Room”. The room is equipped with a humidor along with a selection of ports and other after dinner cocktail options.


In addition to the public sitting areas, the FCT has day/sleep rooms that are available for passengers who have a long lay over and want to sleep for a few hours between flights. The room is well appointed for someone who needs to recharge.


Another of the Day Rooms available in the FCT


The private bath and shower rooms are meticulously maintained and stocked with everything you would need to refresh yourself before a flight. An attendant is available to provide you with personal care items such as toothbrushes, shaving kits, etc. and yes the Rubber Duck as well!


One of the private baths in the FCT, complete with Rubber Duck. I’ve had readers tell me they thought they could not take the duck. Please don’t make that mistake, it is a fantastic souvenir!


This is taken in a private shower room. The shower is located to the right of the sink and is equipped with a refreshing ‘rainfall’ shower head.