Beginning tomorrow, October 16, Lufthansa passengers who visit the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt will be greeted by 3 new ducks that have been added to the wonderful collection.

What is great about the new additions is the fact that they are theme based and are targeted toward ‘certain’ kinds of travelers.

The 3 new ducks are the ‘Frequent Flyer Duck’, the ‘Baby Duck’, and the ‘Birthday Duck’.    Each will be given out based on the passenger:

THE ‘FREQUENT FLYER DUCK’:  Is available to all passengers who visit the ‘FCT’ but will be available for a limited time only (while inventory lasts):

This duck is ready for his flight!

This duck is ready for his flight!


The ‘Baby Duck’:  This special duck will ONLY be given to passengers traveling with an infant or small children.

The 'Baby Duck'

The ‘Baby Duck’


THE BIRTHDAY DUCK’:  This unique ‘ente’ will be given ONLY to passengers who are visiting the FCT on their Birthday.

The 'Birthday Duck'

The ‘Birthday Duck’


Please note that these ducks are exclusive to the ‘FCT’ and will not be available in any other of Lufthansa’s First Class Lounges.     If you want these for your collection you’ll need to visit the FCT and hope that you ‘qualify’ to get one.  If you need help figuring out a strategy to gain entry, let me know!

Looks like I’ll have to borrow someone’s baby for a flight on January 25! 🙂


To see Lufthansa’s other ‘First Class Ducks’ please visit my Lufthansa Duck Registry.