The union representing over 19,000 of Lufthansa’s Cabin Crew has once again drawn a line in the sand with threats of new strikes.

Earlier today, the union announced that unless a labor deal is reached by June 30, Cabin Crews would go on strike beginning July 1.   They also posed a veiled threat suggesting numerous daily strikes until September 16, designed intentionally to cripple LH during the very busy summer holiday travel season.

The core of the problem comes from a long-drawn out battle over retirement age and pension benefits.   With interests so low, pension programs are under strain and Lufthansa simply wants their crews to contribute more to their retirement programs in order to preserve an early retirement age of 55.

The union thinks that the employees shouldn’t take on the increased responsibility for their own future but yet offer no constructive alternatives to their strategy of  ‘gimmee, gimmee, gimmee’.