For those of you that may not be aware, Lufthansa has cancelled approximately 42 flights for today. At first glance it appears that all North and South American flights to Frankfurt and Munich have been cancelled.

It’s unfortunately a logical and good move considering the 24 hour strike that is set to take place by the cabin crew tomorrow, September 7. There is no sense in Lufthansa bringing in thousands of passengers who would most likely be helpless to go anywhere once they arrived to Germany.

Lufthansa has already cancelled 1200 flights for Friday ahead of the all day strike that has been announced by the cabin crew union. Additionally Lufthansa has also cancelled 13 flights thus far going into September 8. Most of the September 8 cancellations are mid-east based destinations. The friday cancellations represent about 1/3 of Lufthansa’s normal timetable.

For the latest information on affected flights, the best place to look is Lufthansa’s Flight Cancellation webpage.

My gut tells me that this may become a protracted event as both sides are standing firmly by their positions.