During the Euro 2016 tournament, Lufthansa will make it easier for you to keep track of your favorite teams and watch your favorite matches even when aboard a long haul flight operated by Lufthansa.

The voucher is valid for 4 hours during a flight and is available for use 1 time per booking between June 10 and July 10, coinciding with the Euro 2016 tournament.

To access the voucher, you need to book your flight on Lufthansa.com.  When you complete your booking, you’ll receive your voucher code in your booking confirmation email.

Then, when you are on board:

       1.  From your WiFi enabled device, select Lufthansa WIFI as your connection

2.  Go online and select the Deutsche Telekom hotspot.

3.  Click ‘Go Online’ and enter your voucher code.

4.  Enjoy 4 hours of Free FlyNet.