After the week-long strike by the cabin crew union last week, it appears that they have not yet satisfied their appetite for crippling the airline’s operation.

In an apparent shot across the bow, the union leadership has suggested that further strikes are possible, if not likely, unless LH capitulates to their demands.   One of the more popular demands include guarantees that retirees would receive 96% of their salary/benefits after they leave the airline.    Bizarro World type stuff isn’t it?

No timeline for future strikes has been outlined but I suspect if there are going to be strikes, they will take place before December 8 since that marks the beginning of the Holiday Season throughout most of Europe. We wouldn’t want the union to have to work during the holidays, would we?

On average, a day of strikes costs Lufthansa approximately $11 million dollars.  The impact is sizeable when you measure strikes in weeks versus days.

The airline and union are far apart on what both deem as reasonable solutions so odds are good that we’ll see picket signs again.