Lufthansa has recently suggested that it will not expand inflight WiFi internet service to its short-haul routes within Europe, although plans remain in place for an inflight entertainment system via BoardConnect.

Additionally, LH is still planning to make Wifi available through BoardConnect on medium haul routes (Africa, Middle East, Russia and certain Asian destination) which are typically served by Airbus A321 aircraft.  According to Lufthansa, 20 A321s will have inflight BoardConnect Internet connectivity by the summer of 2014 specifically for the aforementioned routes.

BoardConnect is an Inflight Entertainment System developed by Lufthansa Systems that allows for streaming of movies, videos, music etc. to a passenger’s own device or seat-back monitors while on board an aircraft.   Part of BoardConnect’s capability includes internet access as well and passengers can use their Apple, Android or Windows based device to access the system.   Lufthansa will be the first airline to offer this type of IFE capability on European routes.

As far as Lufthansa’s long haul fleet is concerned, nearly every aircraft is now equipped with FlyNet internet access except for most of the A380s.   Lufthansa expects all of the A380s to have FlyNet installed by next year.