With the launch of the new and much anticipated Premium Economy Class aboard Lufthansa long haul aircraft, LH has introduced the ability for passengers who have purchased an Economy Ticket to bid for a Premium Economy seat.  The program is effective today, November 22, 2014.

The new program, dubbed myOffer will work as follows:

When you bring up your qualifying itinerary under ‘My Bookings’ on Lufthansa.com, you will see a link for ‘myOffer’ that will take you to a page where you can place your bid for an upgrade.   

Depending on the amount of bids received and their amounts, winning bids will be selected and awarded between 72 and 36 hours prior to your departure for that specific flight.   According to LH, all passengers will receive an email no later than 24 hours prior to departure informing them on their bid’s status.

If your bid is successful you will receive the full benefit of Premium Economy, including additional miles, extra baggage allowance, optional lounge access (additional fee) and enhanced catering.

For now this program will ONLY be available for Premium Economy seats aboard 747-8i aircraft since all of LH’s 747-8i are now equipped with Premium Economy.  The program will rollout to other aircraft types once that specific aircraft fleet has been retrofitted with Premium Economy.

According to LH, this program IS NOT available for tickets purchased in India or Japan, as well as any tickets that were purchased as a group booking.