As part of an LSG Sky Chef event in New York last week, Lufthansa has unveiled an entirely revamp Menu strategy specifically designed for flights departing US Gateways.    For those of you not familiar with LSG Sky Chefs, it is a Lufthansa Group subsidiary and the largest provider of inflight meals in the world.  In fact, 1 in 4 meals served by any airline, on any flight is sourced from LSG Sky Chefs.

The new ‘Taste Of America’ program is designed to serve regionally inspired cuisine for passengers traveling in First or Business Class and is scheduled to begin in May.    For the program, Lufthansa has taken the US and divided it into 4 regions:


Northeast/Midwest:   New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Philadelphia

Southeast/Mid-Atlantic:  Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Charlotte, Washington DC

Central:  Dallas, Houston, Denver

West:  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle


The new program looks to take advantage of regional traditions and ethnic influences to create unique dining experiences and move away from everyone having the same menu at the same time when flying from the USA.   As part of the 5-star strategy, this is a major piece to the puzzle when it comes to improving the on-board experience from one of Lufthansa’s largest markets.

The program itself is a collaboration between Lufthansa food specialists and LSG Sky Chefs which undertook the daunting task of reviewing over 1,000 menu ideas before choosing the finalists.    The vetting process went beyond just taste and flavor.    The options chosen for the new menu had to pass a stringent review of the meal’s ability to maintain freshness and appeal when served in an airline environment, which includes preparation, temperature variations, altitude, etc.  It was not as simple as the food tasting good on the ground, it had to perform while in flight as well.   Additionally, ingredients used towards this menu are locally sourced so that authenticity to the region and ethnic inspiration can be maintained.


Here is the breakdown of the initial menu concept that will be on board beginning in May:

Northeast / Midwest:  Italian inspired selections including Pasta stuffed with Artichoke.

Southeast / Mid-Atlantic:  Cartoccio, a locally inspired seafood dish.

Central:  Smoked and grilled Beef with a spicy chili sauce.

West:  Cioppino – a seafood ragout with tomato and saffron.


Expect that these options will change on a monthly basis as is normal for Lufthansa’s dining menus.  There will of course be other menu options available on board besides the options listed above.

To see what some of these options look like and the work that went into the program’s development, take a few minutes and watch the following video: