Following up on Part I of Lufthansa’s Long Haul changes for 2015 that dealt with the 747-400 and removal of First Class cabins, Part II looks specifically at A380 operations. This includes the timing of Premium Economy rollout as well as an update on the A380 taking over a few 747-8i routes.


Here is an update to the A380 route ‘map’. Beginning in late march, the A380 will replace the 747-8i on the following routes:

March 29: Frankfurt – Los Angeles (LH456 & LH 457). This is the mid-afternoon LAX departure.
April 16: Frankfurt – Beijing.
April 26: Frankfurt – Seoul (ICN).

Here is the most recent schedule for Premium Economy rollout for the A380.  The seating configuration will be 8 First Class / 78 Business Class / 52 Premium Economy / 371 Economy.  (Click here for my earlier post showing the Premium Economy seating maps):

March 29:  Frankfurt – Los Angeles (LH456 & LH457).

March 29:  Frankfurt – Seoul (ICN).

April 16:  Frankfurt – Beijing.

April 22: Frankfurt – Delhi.

April 22:  Frankfurt – Houston.

April 22:  Frankfurt – Johannesburg.

April 22:  Frankfurt – Miami.

April 22:  Frankfurt – New York JFK (LH400 and LH401).

April 22:  Frankfurt – San Francisco.

April 22:  Frankfurt – Shanghai.

April 22:  Frankfurt – Singapore.

You may be wondering how 8 A380 aircraft will all debut Premium Economy exactly on the same day.   In fact, the Premium Economy seats will be gradually phased in a few days / weeks prior to the official launch date.   In the event that Premium Economy seats will be on an aircraft/flight prior to the official launch date, LH will provide passengers with complimentary upgrades and offers to upgrade to Y+ on a flight by flight basis.   The firm dates listed above are the dates loaded into LH’s reservation system for purposes of booking Premium Economy.