Lufthansa has recently announced changes to their Summer 2014 flight operations which primarily updates the kind of aircraft that will fly on a given route.  Additionally, this update provides information on any changes that involve adding or removing First Class cabins from certain flights or routes.   Please pay special attention to some of these changes if you are looking to travel in First Class.  Some destinations, like Philadelphia for example, will have a mix of 2-class and 3-class cabins depending on the day of the week.



Lufthansa will operate a 747 on each of their 2 daily flights.   The first 747 will begin flying the route on March 30 for flights LH422 & LH533.   The second 747 will begin serving Boston on May 19 for flights LH420 & LH 421.   Both of these 747s replace Airbus A340 aircraft.



Beginning March 30, an Airbus A340-400 will fly the route until April 27 at which point an A330-300 will take over until June 5.   On June 5, an a340-600 will begin to fly the route.



Beginning on July 28, a 2-class A340 will replace a 3-Class A330 on the route thus eliminating First Class service on the route.



Between May 5 and May 31 a 3-class A340 will replace a 2-Class A340 thus creating First Class capacity from DTW for most of May.



Beginning March 30, a 3-class Airbus A340 will replace the 747 on the route.   Beginning on June 1, First Class will no longer be available when a 2-class A340 is expected to begin flying the route.



Beginning March 30, service will be reduced from 7x/week to 6x/week.



Beginning May 15, service resumes with 5x/week service.  The route will be flown by an A330 on Tuesdays and an A340 on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.



Until July 19, Lufthansa will continue to fly to Narita and Osaka as one continuous flight.  Beginning on July 20, Narita and Osaka will receive their own dedicated non-stop flight from Frankfurt.  Frankfurt – Narita will operated as LH710 and LH711 and flown by a 747-400.   Frankfurt – Osaka will be operated as LH740 and LH 741, also flown by a 747-400.



Between June 1 and August 1, the 3-class A340-300 will be replaced by a 3-class A340-600 on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  A 2-Class A340-300 will operate on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Between August 2 and August 21, a 2-class A340 will operate each daily flight (No First Class cabin during this period).

Beginning August 22, a 2-class A340-300 will operate everyday except Thursday.  On Thursdays, a 3-class A330 will fly the route.



Beginning April 25, an Airbus A340 will replace the A330-300 for each daily flight (3-Cabin).

Beginning July 1, a 2-class A340 will replace the 3-class A330,eliminating First Class on the route.



Beginning August 2 for LH416 and 417, a 3 class A340-600 will operate on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   A 2-class A340 will fly the route on Wednesday and Thursday.