Lufthansa has announced that pilots will once again walk off the job for a substantial period next week.

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 all short haul flights are subject to the strike from 12:01a until 11:59p.

Then on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, the union has called for strikes to ground ALL flights, both short and long haul flights scheduled to depart from Germany.  The strike on Wednesday will last from 12:01a until 11:59p.

Lufthansa will be publishing a special timetable for Tuesday and Wednesday.   Expect it to be available by 2:00pm on Monday (Frankfurt Time).   You can check on your flight status by clicking this link.

Keep in mind that Lufthansa DID NOT have to cancel all the flights that were targeted by the insane union leadership during the previous strikes.  In fact, LH was able to operate a significant amount of flights during each strike day.

If your flights are affected, you must call the airline or travel agency that issued your ticket.   If your ticket is not issued  by Lufthansa, do not call them directly, they will be unable to help and you’ll spend a lot of time on hold for no reason.  If you redeemed miles for your LH flight, call the frequent flyer program that issued your ticket.

If your ticket is issued by LH, you can go online to to review your options, or call your local LH customer service center.