Lufthansa’s Miles&More program underwent a cyber attack on Friday which resulted in the theft of miles and vouchers from a small number of accounts.

According to Lufthansa, damage was limited to a few hundred accounts and any miles or vouchers that were stolen or used have been restored to the rightful owner.    Fortunately this was not as wide spread as the data breach that British Airways suffered that resulted in the hacking of 10’s of thousands of frequent flyer accounts just a few weeks ago.

Lufthansa’s IT department had identified the fraudulent activity early on as they discovered ‘Bots’ trying to using random username and passwords until the right combinations were found by the Bot.  Once the ‘Bot’ was discovered, it was quickly removed and things were returned to normal.

Apparently no personal data was retrieved by this cyber attack, it was simply an attack trying to figure out user names and passwords.   For the accounts that were affected, LH has changed the account numbers and contacted members to change user name and passwords.

It may behoove you to check your account and balances just to make sure you were not impacted.