Beginning this May, members of Miles & More will be able to start combining their efforts with family members living in the same household when it comes to earning and redeeming miles.

Though specifics have yet to be released by LH, it appears that that the new plan will allow 2 adults and up to 5 children in the same household to share Award Miles.     Status miles will not be combinable.    In other words, Dad and the kids can’t put their miles together to make Mom a Senator, but they can get her a First Class ticket by combining their award miles.

Being able to combine miles will be a huge benefit especially when the MM deep discount or ‘Meilenschnappchen’ promos are considered.   With monthly ‘Meilenschnappchen’ offers passengers can usually book award travel for nearly half of the miles that are usually required.

Hopefully M&M leaves the redemption table alone while doing this.    If they raise the amount of miles needed to redeem for a given award, it would nullify at least some of the benefit of being able to pool miles from several accounts.

I expect more announcements regarding Miles & More over the coming weeks.    Miles & More is celebrating its 25th Anniversary so I suspect more user-friendly features to be unveiled as we approach the busy summer travel season.

On my wish list?   Knock a few dollars off of the surcharges that are associated with redeeming miles, especially in First or Business Class! 🙂