This offer caught my eye as I was reading my Miles & More Newsletter email today.   Normally I pass by these types of offers but this one caught my attention.  For one thing, I thoroughly enjoy reading The Economist (almost ‘required’ reading in my ‘real job’) and also the offer to subscribe to The Economist at 61% off the newsstand rate is a great deal as well.  Top all of this off with 10,000 miles and it is a no brainer!

At a 61% discount, the subscription amounts to $160 a year or a bit over $3.00 a week which includes access to their online content as well.   Factor in the 10,000 miles into the mix and you wind up paying only 1.6 cents per mile while getting a great magazine delivered each week!

Miles & More is also offering an alternative package where you will earn 7,500 miles if you subscribe to the print only version of The Economist.   The print only subscription is $127 a year and is 69% off the newsstand price.   This package would equate to getting the miles for 1.7 cents.  Not a significant difference as far as CPM (cost per mile) is concerned.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer to bolster your mileage balance, here is the link that was provided in the email that I received.   Even if you don’t read the economist, this promo is still quite attractive simply for the miles!