Lufthansa is offering attractive fares between the US and Europe in general for the first quarter of 2014, but a city pair that is most attractive is New York – Frankfurt.   Fares run as low as $699 for travel between  JFK and Frankfurt and are only a few dollars more for Newark Departures.  Departures from other US gateways to European destinations range in the low $1000 levels as should be expected for this time of year.

The fare sale is in place through January 9, 2014 and is valid for departures between January 9 and March 27, 2014.    Return flights must take place between January 18 and April 27, 2014.   When I looked at a few sample bookings, it seems that bookings made for departures between January 9 and 17 required a January 18 or later return to qualify for the $699 fare.  The worst case scenario would require a 9 day stay (Jan 9-18) to qualify for the lowest fare.   Booking tickets for travel after these dates did not have a minimum stay associated with them.   Please note that there is a 14 day advance purchase period involved as well.

Be mindful when booking the fares and make sure you are flying on Lufthansa operated flights.   In some cases flights were being operated by United and if you don’t pay attention, you may not realize that fact.   Also, since this is a deeply discounted economy fare, be aware that you may or may not earn miles in your frequent flyer account.   Most of these fares are booking to ‘K’ class so ‘YMMV’……literally! 🙂