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Lufthansa is currently offering discount travel vouchers that can be redeemed on Lufthansa operated flights worldwide. Normally these voucher offers tend to be limited to Europe, but in this case the vouchers are available from most countries that Lufthansa serves.

The value of the vouchers vary slightly between countries and are denominated in local currencies. For example, someone in Europe requesting a voucher will get one for €20, someone booking travel from the USA will receive $40 and someone in Hong Kong will receive a voucher valued at HKD$450.

The voucher applies to the base or tariff fare and does not affect the taxes and fees for the ticket. The voucher can be redeemed for travel until 10 March. Travel must be completed by 10 June.

Please note that when you look at the terms and conditions, it may appear that the code is good until October, but Lufthansa uses the European format for dates: DD/MM/YYYY.

To request a voucher please use this link. Once providing Lufthansa with your name and email address, a voucher code will be immediately emailed to you and you can apply that code when booking travel on