In their latest bid to disrupt passengers, the union representing Lufthansa’s pilots has called for a day-long strike that will affect Munich tomorrow.    The strike will take place between 10:00a and 8:00p CEST.

The previous strikes during the past 2 weeks had only affected EU and domestic German flights, this time the strike will impact long haul travel as well since the strike covers all LH flights in and out of ‘MUC’ during the stated time frame.

At this time, LH has not yet published their list of impacted flights, but I expect that to happen in the next few hours.   As part of this list I also expect that LH will cancel flights with departure times prior to and after the strike’s timeframe due to aircraft and air traffic logistics.

You can use this link to visit LH’s dedicated page that will provide updates on the strike, which will include the list of impacted flights.

Flights operated by Swiss, Brussels and Austrian that serve MUC will not be affected.

Starting to sound like a broken record isn’t it??