What is becoming an old and frustrating tale, the Union that represents the majority of Lufthansa’s pilots has called for yet another strike on Thursday, December 4.  This installment will impact long haul flights only, sparing short and medium haul travelers at least for the moment.

The strike will be in effect between 3am and midnight.

When a strike affects long haul flights, LH has usually done a nice job in accommodating passengers to other carriers as well as still having enough of their own pilots available to fly the routes.  I’m optimistic that this will be the case this time.

LH has not yet released an updated timetable for Thursday that would list the affected flights.  I’ll post an update once they do.

On a side note, I’m starting to wonder where the German government is during this ridiculous extortion of the airline by the union.     Thursday’s strike will mark the 10th work stoppage so far this year by the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) union.    However, it is nice to see public sentiment turning against the union since hundreds of thousands of passengers have had their travel plans ruined.

Should you care to voice your displeasure, shoot them a tweet on @VCockpit.