Late last week, Lufthansa and Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) ‘quietly’ agreed to work towards an agreement that would finally put an end to strikes by Lufthansa pilots.

Over the last few months you’ve noticed relative peace between LH and VC as both sides have been negotiating on several levels to reach an agreement that would protect pilot benefits as well as the Airline’s interest.    To that end,  there have been several separate groups negotiation a variety of issues.    Going forward, both sides agreed to consolidate their efforts into one major push and have committed to having issues resolved and new agreements in place by the end of July.

What does this mean?

As long as both sides agree to work together and not pull any surprises, I suspect that we will have little to no risk of service disruptions due to striking pilots this summer.  Odds for a deal have improved dramatically once the union provided concessions  to the compensation structure for pilots, while LH committed to expanded career opportunities for pilots.

The only time strikes would be called would be when the union had a temper tantrum and wanted to send a message to the airline and its passengers.    It appears that they are well past this, and are finally realizing that the best outcome is to get a deal done.

Hopefully the peace lasts……