A few days ago, a directive from Boeing was released suggesting that the engines found on 787 and 747-8i aircraft were subject to icing in certain conditions where excess moisture was present.

According to a well placed source within Lufthansa, there are no current plans in place to ground the 747-8i aircraft  in the fleet in light of the recent news from Boeing.   Rather than grounding aircraft and the consequences inherent with idle airplanes, Lufthansa has instead decided to amend flight plans that will help aircraft avoid any potential trouble spot as far as engine icing risk is concerned.   In fact, Lufthansa flight plans will build in a 60 mile buffer to avoid any kind of weather or atmospheric condition that could result in ice building on the 747-8i engines.

Should their approach to this issue change, I’ll let you know but for now passengers (including this one for a return flight from FRA next week) can expect and enjoy their ride in a 747-8i on the routes they currently serve.