During a press event in Rome today, Lufthansa reflected on it’s success with Italy over the past year as well as reviewed their strategy going forward.

Lufthansa’s director for Italy,Thomas Eggert, cited that Lufthansa increased passenger traffic by 10% between 2010 and 2011. In his comments, he also committed that Lufthansa will continue and increase their commitment to the Italian travel market and stated that Italy was Lufthansa’s most important European market (not including Germany) and third most important market worldwide.

With Lufthansa recently adding 27 new flights from Berlin to airports in Italy, it is obvious that they are delivering on the committment. In addition, new flights between Palermo (Sicily) and Munich as well as between Bologna and Dusseldorf further expand Lufthansa’s reach into Italy.

Aage Dünhaupt, Lufthansa’s Communication Director for Europe put things into an interesting perspective when he suggested that Lufthansa has more destinations to Italy (with 18) than it does to the North America. If that doesn’t put their commitment to Italy in perspective, I don’t know what would!

Source: AvioNews