Earlier this week LUFTHANSA unveiled specific plans regarding the roll out of the much-acclaimed Premium Economy Seat.   To mark the event at the time, fares were being offered from Chicago for as low as $1500.

Today, Lufthansa has improved upon that deal by introducing Premium Economy fares from Washington DC to Europe for as low as $1289 (Barcelona!).    Most other major European destinations range in the low $1300 to mid $1500 range from Washington DC.  Fare deals are also available from Chicago for slightly higher prices.

The sale is limited to Washington DC and Chicago at this point because the 747-8i is the only LH aircraft that will have Premium Economy installed throughout all -8i aircraft in the fleet by December 10 that will serve the US.  You’ll notice that LAX, another 747-8i destination, is not part of this promotion since Lufthansa does not plan to introduce Premium Economy to LAX until March 29, 2015.  This may suggest that the 747-8i may be removed from LAX service in very late 2014/early 2015.  I do know that LH is considering bringing the A380 to LAX, but has not formally decided which would make sense that LAX would not see Premium Economy until Q1 of 2015.


The fare sale runs through June 30.  Departures must take place between December 24, 2014 and March 26, 2015.   Returns must take place between December 28, 2014 and September 26, 2015.   Additionally, tickets must be purchased 14 days ahead of departure.

As I compared these Premium Economy fares during the fare sale, the prices are actually equal to, or LOWER than regular economy class tickets during the same time frame.   Looks like Lufthansa wants as many people to experience Premium Economy as possible!