Lufthansa’s current ‘Y+’ sale wraps up in about a week, and in the mean time there are some deals that come close to what regular economy class tickets would cost during peak summer travel.

The sale to Europe covers most of the summer travel period and has fares starting as low as $1550 for New York – Milan and goes up into the mid-$1900 range for East Coast and Midwest departures.   West Coast fares start in the low $2000 neighborhood.   Compared to Economy fares during this ‘summer peak’ book period, the Premium Economy fares are only $400-600 more and you certainly get a good value for that premium, including better seats, additional free ‘check-in luggage’,  and more miles for your frequent flyer account in most cases when compared to Economy.

At the same time, Lufthansa is running specials to Africa where you can get from the USA to Northern Africa for less than $1000 in Economy.  But this fare sale covers departures for mid to late May only.

For the Premium Economy sale to Europe, the sale ends on May 17 and covers departures taking place between May 22 and August 22.    Return travel must take place between June 5 and November 22.    Weekend surcharges may apply for Thursday-Sunday departure or returns.