LUFTHANSA is currently running a Premium Economy fare sale for travel between the USA and Europe during the 4th quarter of this year.

Fares, as usual when Prem Eco goes on sale, are attractive.  For example New York to Milan can be had for only  $1500.

Most departures from the East Coast range between $1550 and $1700, while departures from the Midwest and West Coast range between $1700 and $1850.

The difference between Economy and Premium Economy on Lufthansa is fairly significant.  Not only do you get a much more comfortable seat with more leg room and seat pitch, you’ll also experience enhanced dining and a generous checked baggage allowance.  For more details on other perks visit LH’s dedicated Premium Economy webpage.




I have experienced the new Premium Economy seat on flights between New York and Frankfurt.  It is a perfectly comfortable seat and I had no problem being comfortable and getting a few hours of sleep during the flight.   I sensed that the cabin crew was a bit more attentive to the Premium Economy passengers as compared to the economy passengers.  Perhaps because it is a relatively small ‘cabin’, but nevertheless I had a great experience and would recommend to anyone to fly Premium Economy.

In fact, part of my segments to Johannesburg ZA next week are in Premium Economy as well……unless an upgrade clear or my wife lets me have her First Class seats  😉 .