A few days ago Lufthansa began adjusting their Winter 16/17 timetable and most noticeable was the removal of First Class service to several cities that are served from Munich.    This comes as no surprise as LH has begun the process of converting some of their long-haul fleet from 4-cabin aircraft to 3-cabin aircraft (Biz / Prem Eco / Eco).  The first to be affected is the Airbus A330 & A340 fleet based in Munich.

The list below shows the city pair and the date that First Class bookings will no longer be available for the route.

Munich – Boston:  January 3

Munich – Charlotte:  December 1

Munich – Chicago:  January 3

Munich – Delhi:  September 21

Munich – Denver:  March 26

Munich – Miami:  February 4

Munich – Montreal:  December 1

Munich – Mumbai:  December 1

Munich – New York (JFK):  February 2

Munich – Riyadh:  March 26

Munich – Tehran:  December 1

Munich – Toronto:  March 26

Munich – Vancouver:  March 26

Munich – Washington DC:  February 2


Those First Class Ducks just got a little bit more valuable…. 😉