Affectionately known as the “Jumbolino”, the Avro RJ85 is being retired from Lufthansa’s Fleet.

On August 27, Lufthansa will fly their last ‘Jumbolino’ for the final time when the aircraft completes a roundtrip between Munich and Cologne. The aircraft type has been in the Lufthansa Fleet since late 1994 and has earned the affectionate nickname ‘Jumbolino’ due to it’s 4 jet engines mounted to a relatively small fuselage which gives it the look of a miniature jumbo jet.

During it’s 18 year tenure with Lufthansa , the BAe (British Aerospace) built RJ85 operated more than 575,000 flights, safely carrying 30 million Lufthansa passengers to destinations throughout Europe. Its small size and powerful engines allowed it to fly to some of Europe’s smallest airports, allowing Lufthansa to have a comprehensive European network.

At the peak of use, 18 RJ85 aircraft were part of Lufthansa’s ‘Cityline’ fleet. As the RJ85’s were being retired, they were replaced by more efficient Embraer and Bombardier aircraft.

If you happen to be on an upcoming flight that will be flown by the last ‘Jumbolino’, take a moment to appreciate it, take photos, and ask the flight attendants if they have an extra Safety Card. It’s certain to become a Lufthansa collectible!

The BAe Avro RJ85 FACT SHEET (Courtesy of Lufthansa):