Lufthansa’s Social Media team has just announced  a new marketing campaigned called #inspiredby which focuses on thewhy’  behind travel and the experiences and fulfillment that traveling brings.

Over the course of the next several weeks, the campaign will feature video vignettes of  travelers who share their motivation behind their passion for travel.  Each week between now and the end of January, Lufthansa will publish one of these videos on their YouTube channel as well as provide additional insights via their Facebook and Instagram pages.

I was given a chance to preview the campaign ahead of its launch and I think that the campaign certainly will accomplish its objective of challenging you to consider your own travel experiences, passions and places you have yet to visit.  The idea behind the campaign is to help you realize that most adventures, memories, the meeting of new friends and truly special moments do not happen at home but instead take place during one’s travels.



Lufthansa’s Motivation Behind #inspiredby


The campaign will feature 10 unique travelers telling us why they travel, what it is that creates passion for their travel and how it helps sculpt them as an individual.    I think this kind of approach, watching someone telling you what is their “WHY” will help you begin to discover your own passion for travel and perhaps create the motivation necessary to pursue that passion.   Maybe it’s that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Machu Picchu or perhaps a pilgrimage to the land of your ancestors.   Maybe it’s something as simple as visiting a place that you enjoyed as a child or simply picking a random place on the globe and going there with eyes wide open.    #inspiredby is designed to challenge and inspire you to find your motivation and passion for travel.

I know from personal experience that the fondest memories that my wife and I always recall have been as a result of our travels.  Whether it was crossing the Charles Bridge in Prague, seeing the Queen of England arrive to open Parliament, strolling through the alleys of Venice or taking a tour of the Necropolis beneath St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City or a myriad of other places we have visited, we find that reliving those moments inspires us to find our next memories and adventures.  Because of these memories, our future travels are built upon the foundation laid by our past trips.

To start off the campaign, Lufthansa published it’s first #inspiredby video taken in Oregon featuring Moritz, a 17 year-old German whose passion is photography and travel.   He shares with us how his love of photography and travel have combined to form the person that he is today and how it also helped him to discover himself:



Among the destinations that will be featured during the #inspiredby campaign are  Hamburg, Sao Paolo, Madrid, Hawaii, Orlando, Berlin and a few other surprises along the way.  For Twitter users, you’ll be able to keep track of these various feature videos by simply using a # (hashtag) in front of each destination listed above as well as using #inspiredby in a Twitter search.