Just when I thought that there was hope for labor peace due to an upcoming sit down between the 3 Unions and Lufthansa, one of the Unions pulls a fast one and threatens to strike this week.

Our ‘friends’ at UFO, who represent the cabin crews and who were responsible for the recent week-long series of strikes have once again scheduled to strike.   This time plans call for the walkouts to take place this week on Thursday and Friday,  November 26 and 27.    And if they aren’t appeased, they’ll strike again on Monday November 30.

Details of the strikes were not yet announced but I expect them to cover the whole range of LH’s service, including Long Haul, Intra-German, and European routes.

I’m surprised at this latest gambit especially because a meeting had been scheduled by Lufthansa that was to be held on December 2 where all 3 unions were to sit and discuss what it would take to reach a long term agreement on labor.

So much for goodwill and olive branches…..