Lufthansa unfortunately is battling labor issues on two fronts at the same time.

The more ‘popular’ of the two is the ongoing rift with the union that represents the majority of Lufthansa pilots, known as Vereingung Cockpit (VC).   However another battle is being fought with UFO, who represents upwards of 18,000 cabin crew employees who are not pilots.

The latter battle, with UFO, appears to be making progress as both sides have agreed to meet for negotiations some time in mid-February following a vote of the membership that is taking place this month.   The crux of the disagreements between Lufthansa and UFO revolves around 2 primary issues:  Cabin crew pensions and how union-member employees will be treated as Lufthansa expands its Low Cost Carrier operations when it introduces WINGS this year.

It looks as though for now any strike threat from UFO is greatly diminished but the threat remains for VC to ask pilots to go on strike on relatively short notice.

More details as they become available……