LUFTHANSA has announced that negotiations with UFO, the union representing the majority of their cabin crews have broken down.   Both sides set November 1 as a deadline to reach agreement and with the lack of any progress, the union has now threatened ‘imminent’ strikes.

As is their typical method, they provided no indication as to when these strikes may come.    In past tantrums, the union usually offered 24 hours notice and would target certain parts of LH’s timetable.

The best that union could offer at this point is the fact that they’ll announce additional details and plans on Monday.

As disruptive as these strikes can be, Lufthansa has been fairly proactive with providing rebooking and refund options for passengers affected by strike disruptions.  If you travels involve LH in the next week or so, pay special attention.   Usually the Union doesn’t wait too long to send its tired message.