The cabin crew union has announced the next phase of it week-long walk out against Lufthansa.    The latest update suggests widespread paralysis throughout Lufthansa timetable on Monday, November 9.

The union has announced that its members will walk off the job in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf between 4:30a and 11:00p local ‘Frankfurt’ time, grounding domestic, European and long haul travel scheduled for that time frame.   Lufthansa’s operations in Munich will also be subject to the walk-out between 3:30a and 12:00a.

Lufthansa now claims that nearly 70 percent of their flights will be able to operated, and expects to cancel about 1000 of them tomorrow.  Initially, it was thought that cancellations would be far more reaching.

If your travels will be impacted by this strike action, please visit this Lufthansa website that provides details on how to adjust your travel plans.